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Masja van den Berg

Drawing is my greatest passion. I just love letting my imagination run wild and stepping into other worlds. Worlds where everything is possible and anything can be created. In this way I can create space for my creativity and fantasy.

Together with my beautiful little son, I live in a picturesque town nearby the sea. To me there is nothing more inspiring than the wonders of nature. The colors, the flowers, the sky and the shapes of sand... Also, cultural arts from far away lands inspire me, like old ornaments and fabrics.

All of my designs are drawn by hand. As a little girl I was always busy drawing and I could sit behind my desk for hours and hours. Today it's pretty much still the same! It just brings me peace and happiness.

In 2008, I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. After my Master Degrees in Fine Arts at the Sandberg Instituut I started creating my first colouring books for adults. Now, I've made my own business out of it. It's making it possible for me to practice my passion for drawing and designing every day. How great is that!

Besides coloring books, I also design wall decorations, fabrics, birth-announcement cards and sometimes work as a freelancer as well.

I hope to convey my passion for the wonders of the world, through the creation of my colouring books and, in that way, inspire the people around me. To let others drift away in 'my wonderful world'!